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interview with us in 88FM Radio (Israel)
January 2017

They wrote about us on “Aksam ” newspaper (Turkey)
January 2017

They wrote about us on “Şalom” magazine (Turkey)
January 2017

interview with us on the Norwegian national Radio , listen here
May 2016

Our concert ( in Dusseldorf, Germany) had been broadcast on “FunkHaus Europa” radio station
November 2015

They wrote about our tour on the German-Turkish cultural “renk” magazine :
November 2015

They wrote about us on “Art is Thick” Magazine (Morocco)
September 2015

Light in Babylon in “Les Carnets du Monde” on “Europe1 France” Radio Station
September 2015

They wrote about us on “Hit&Run” magazine ( Greece)
September 2015

Article about us on “Agos” Newspaper (Turkey)
October 2014

Article about us on “Egg Magazine” (Italy)
October 2014

Article about us on “Qantara” Magazin
September 2014

Documentary about us on ARTE channel (France/Germany) as part of the docu’ program “Au diapason de la ville”
July 2014

Light in Babylon & Ferman Akgül in the Program “Kulaktan Kulağa ” on TRT Muzik channel (Turkey)
February 2014

Our Album “Life sometimes doesn’t give you space” got a great review on:
fRoots Magazine, October 2013

fROOTS logo

froots review

Documentary: “İçimdeki Ses” (the voice within) TRT Haber channel (Turkey)
May 2013

for watching the full episode click here

Guest band at the late night show “SosyalMediaTV” on TRT Haber channel
April 2013

Article about us on the German magazine “Welt-Sichten” by Eva Klassen
March 2013:

eva article page 1Eva article page 2

Interview for: “EMAHO MAGAZINE” (Singapure,India,England)
January 2013:
“EMAHO”,international art and travel magazine

The interview for  “Radio Blau”  (Germany)
August 2012:
For the full interview:

Article about us : “Badische Zeitung” (Germany)
August 2012:
For the full article: click here

Article about us : “Die Oberbadische” (Lörrach,Germany)
July 31st, 2012

Article about us: ” TARAF ” Newspaper (Turkey)
June 2012:
For the online article:

Article about us: “REMOOD MAGAZINE” (Turkey)
March 2012 – “REMOOD” , Art and culture magazin in Istanbul cover us in his music section.
For the full article:

Article about us: “EMAHO MAGAZINE”  (Singapure,India,England)
February 2012- “EMAHO”,international art and travel magazine,cover us on his print edition in Singapure.

Documentary: “THE BUSKING PROJECT” (international)
Light in Babylon from The Busking Project on Vimeo.

March 2011 – participating the documentary “The busking project”; Nick Broad,Chris Smith and Belle Crawford with the aim to produce an archive of street performance around the world, a documentary exploring the lives and motivations of the world’s street artists.
For the full article


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